Wednesday, 14 May 2014

This weeks music REVIEWS

This weeks music reviews 
Eurovision Takeover

Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down

Rita Ora looks to claim her 4th number one this Sunday after Hot Right Now, R.I.P and How We Do (Party). I Will Never Let You Down is taken from her forthcoming second studio album out later this year. It is produced by Calvin Harris.

I was excited to hear new material from Rita after adoring Hot Right Now and the underrated Radioactive, especially upon hearing that boyfriend Calvin Harris was producing it. I Will Never Let You Down is a simplistic yet endearing love song. The production really helps to carry the track along - with beats and synths that sound extremely summery. Quite the comeback. 


Common Linnets - Calm After the Storm

The Common Linnets were this years Eurovision Song Contest entry for The Netherlands. The pair came runners up and the song is the most successful track chart-wise in the U.K. - as it is already as high as #5 at the midweek stage.

Common Linnets really were the dark horse of the contest. Unlike most of the spectacles going on around them in the contest though, they instead opted for subtlety. The track is a relaxing delight, and the duo themselves present the track with such gorgeous harmonies. 


Conchita Wurst - Rise Like a Phoenix 

Conchita Wurst was this years Eurovision Song Contest entry for Austria. She won the entire competition with her track Rise Like a Phoenix, and it is currently #9 in the midweek U.K. charts.

Let's be honest, this only gained as much attention as it did because of Conchita's unorthodox appearance, but if you look past that, the song is actually rather impressive. The track oozes Bond-esque glamour with it's grandeur orchestral production and uplifting lyrics. It definitely sounds like such a huge song, worthy of a winning title.


Sanna Nielsen - Undo

Sanna Nielsen was this years Swedish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Hotly tipped as a favourite, she didn't quite get there but her track Undo did manage to come third and is also at #24 in the U.K. midweek charts!

The first thought upon hearing Undo is that it's not all that dissimilar to Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. It's quite a predictable formula and it does take quite a while to get going, but when Sanna performed it live, she sang it like her life depended on it, making it far more impressive than the studio version which lacks as much oomph and emotion. 


Basim - Cliché Love Song

Basim was this years Eurovision Song Contest entrant for Denmark. He came 9th in the contest. He is 22 years old and previously was on the Danish version of the X Factor at age 15. Cliché Love Song is currently at #30 in the U.K. midweek chart.

This track is another entry this year that can be compared to another artist - as I was sensing extreme Bruno Mars vibes throughout this track. Although the track is rather simplistic and does contain rather cringe lyrics (see the one about Katy Perry for instance), it is extremely funky and the chorus is probably the most catchy chorus I've heard this entire year, I had it stuck in my head most of the night. Not quite a patch on last years Danish entry Emmelie De Forest's Only Teardrops though, that went on to win the contest.


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