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Britney Spears - Britney Jean (Album Review)

Britney Spears - Britney Jean (Album Review)

I know this album isn't exactly brand new - with a December 2013 release, but I recently won it in a competition (courtesy of www.poplovedance.blogspot.com) so as my newest album, I thought why not. 

Britney Jean is Britney's 8th studio album following a phenomenal career since her breakthrough ...Baby One More Time in 1999, amassing over 100 million record sales worldwide since.

 Britney noted in interviews prior to release that eponymous Britney Jean would be her most personal album ever, and this already seems evident from the surprisingly stripped down photoshoot on the cover as well as the title being her first name and middle name (No, not a Michael Jackson homage). With lead single Work B**ch! though, it didn't exactly seem like the most personal kick off to the campaign, so I was curious as to how the rest of the album would turn out.

Even if taste is subjective, for me Britney Jean is much more than it's #34 UK peak suggests. Britney may not be at the top of the game right now in terms of chart success, but the overall quality of the album is exactly what I was hoping for from the pop princess.

Alien was a spot on choice for an album opener, as it slowly draws you into it. A fantastic mid-tempo start to the album, Britney's vocals are sounding brilliant. Not only the vocals, but also this album boasts some of the best choruses on album tracks in her career - such as Passenger, 'Til it's Gone and Body Ache. The personal theme begins to become more evident throughout away from the dance production, such as on second single Perfume - a track packed with emotion as Britney tells of the heartache of a cheating boyfriend. 

The album is by no mean's perfect - for me the duds come in the form of It Should Be Easy with far too much auto tune and a bit of a non-event of a chorus, duet with sister Jamie Lynn Chillin' With You which is a bit vapid and sounds out of place with it's country vibes with the rest of the album and as sublime as the production for Work B**ch! is, the accent remains endearing but odd which is a bit off-putting, although the accent also featured on hit Scream & Shout with will.i.am which went to number one last year and Work B**ch! gave her the latest solo top 10 hit in the UK since Hold It Against Me, so a lot of the public must think otherwise.

An album featuring a lot of creative control from Britney, for me this is something to be proud of with some excellent pop moments in a lot of the soaring choruses, and the deluxe version is worth getting, the three bonus tracks are up there with some of the main tracks. A few duds but on the whole a very pleasant pop album from her that I very much enjoyed.


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