Wednesday, 16 April 2014

This weeks music REVIEWS

This weeks music reviews
Kiesza - Hideaway

Kiesza is a 25 year old singer/songwriter from Canada, and has recently launched debut single Hideaway, which looks set to score her a first #1 single in the U.K. as it had sold 80,000+ copies at the midweek point.

Hideaway was a little bit of a grower for me, as during the first few listens I failed to truly recognise how fantastic the entire effort is, but it soon clicked upon a certain listen. As soon as the track starts, it's already so intense with the thick bassline and lyrics that are being poured out. The outstanding production and emotional vocals work so well together and the track is packed with hooks. The only thing that puts me off a little is when the vocals verge on screeching at certain points, but on the whole it does make an impact on the emotion as it almost sounds like a cry for help. A great debut.


Shift K3y - Touch

20 year old Shift K3y looks set to set the charts alight with top forty debut Touch - as it was already #3 at the midweek stage. Shift K3y dropped his first EP back in 2011.

I am absolutely loving this. A bit of garage in the chart never goes amiss for me, most recently all about she took their track Higher (Free) to the top 20 officially, and now the garage-influenced track Touch is set for commercial success. The track is so high energy with the sped up bassline and rhythm, that intertwines with impressive falsetto vocals extremely well. Ultimately, it's the complete feel-good package.


Meridian Dan ft. Big H & JME - German Whip

Grime MC Meridian Dan from Tottenham, London looks set to have a huge hit on his hands with German Whip, as it is already #6 in the midweek stage.

I'm not really used to seeing a grime track so high in the chart, and to be honest the genre on the whole isn't really my thing. I give the track props for being so unlike anything out there in the chart right now, and it is certainly catchy. The lyrics for me are so bad that they verge on comedic, so I tend to view the track from a comedic perspective. I just cannot take it seriously. So on the whole; a fun, catchy and pretty unique track commercially, but not something I'd rush back in a hurry to listen to.


Elyar Fox - Billion Girls

18 year old Elyar Fox is almost certain to score his second top 10 this week with Billion Girls, after debut Do It All Over Again went to #5 earlier on in the year.

As generic-sounding as his debut was, I did quite enjoy Do It All Over Again in a guilty pleasure kind of way. However, I cannot say the same for this follow up. The subject matter is extremely recycled and the lyrics are rather cringeworthy - whether that is name-dropping Rihanna or countries. On the whole I think it's a pretty lazy effort, but that his fans will eagerly purchase it.


Showtek ft. Justin Prime & Matthew Koma - Cannonball

Electronic dance duo Showtek are back with what looks to be their third top 40 entry (After #5 hit Booyah and more recently, Bad with David Guetta & Vassy) and have teamed up with Justin Prime and Matthew Koma (Who featured on Hardwell's #18 hit Dare You).

I was quite apprehensive to hear this track, as I absolutely love Booyah! by the duo but detest Bad. Thankfully, this turned out to be a bit of a gem for me. It boasts an extremely euphoric build up featuring a pounding bassline and great synths. The extremely energetic production (that actually dates back to 2012) works well with Matthew Koma's vocals. A fantastic effort overall.


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