Wednesday, 30 April 2014

This weeks music REVIEWS

This weeks music reviews
Calvin Harris - Summer

Calvin returns after scoring a #1 hit with Under Control in December featuring Alesso and Hurts. Summer looks to be the next #1 in his impressive discography as it has already sold 60,000 copies at the midweek point.

Summer sees Calvin not only as a producer, but back as a vocalist again! Frankly I've always been a fan of his vocals, especially as they spawned the sublime Acceptable In the 80's and I'm Not Alone. Summer is yet another impressive track for Calvin and it lives up to it's title as it is very much a song to be heard in the summer with it's feel-good vibes. It slowly draws you in to the euphoric explosion that is yet another memorable synth hook from him.


Paloma Faith - Only Love Like This

The only other new entry in the official top 40 so far at the midweek stage, Only Love Like This is already set to score Paloma the second top 40 hit from her latest album A Perfect Contradition after #10 Pharrell produced hit Can't Rely On You, as it is currently #33 as it stands.

Only Love Like This opens with rather grandeur production that carries on throughout the rest of the song, and ultimately carries it along majestically. This new single from her is quite different to it's predecessor as it's more of an emotional one. It is vocally stunning and although understated, it is still extremely powerful, proving you don't have to shout to get your message across. Although I found it a little grating when she hit the high notes on Can't Rely On You, it's the complete opposite here as each chorus continues to build up the emotion.


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