Wednesday, 9 April 2014

This weeks music REVIEWS

This weeks music reviews
Sigma - Nobody to Love

Sigma are a drum and bass duo, and are on course for their first U.K. number one this week with Nobody to Love, which is a re-working of Kanye West's Bound 2.

I am a huge fan of Bound 2, so my initial thoughts when hearing this version is that it wouldn't quite live up to it. It is a really interesting re-working of the song, as I'd never picture it as a dance track. However, for me the original is that little bit superior, and the Charlie Wilson vocals on it also I find are stronger. It still works though, and will sound fantastic in the summer.


The Vamps - Last Night

The Vamps are back with brand new single Last Night, which is set to be their third consecutive top 3 single after debut Can We Dance went to #2 and follow up Wild Heart claimed the #3 spot. 

The Vamps have already found their sound - guitar driven songs with incredibly catchy choruses, and it seems to be a winning formula for them so far. The vocals are also very strong courtesy of lead singer Brad Simpson.With it's very youthful lyrics, Last Night very much caters for it's target audience.


Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX - Fancy

Australian Iggy Azalea looks set to achieve her very first top 5 single, after her previous effort Change Your Life went to #10. It also features vocals from Charli XCX who found success on Icona Pop's U.K. #1 single I Love It.

For me, Fancy is definitely Azalea's best by far. The entire track is making a bold statement - from the infectious production to the attitude-ridden lyrics. The chorus is extremely memorable and the video is excellent to match. Confident Azalea is on to a winner.


The Saturdays - Not Giving Up

The Saturdays are back with the fourth single from their latest album Living for the Weekend. The girl-group achieved their first U.K. #1 single last year with What About Us.

The girls are back with a bang as this new single from them boasts a strong dance-pop production with quickfire lyrics that work well. The track builds up well to the euphoric explosion that is the chorus. The one thing I do notice though is that it is not all that dissimilar to one of their previous hits All Fired Up


David Guetta ft. Showtek & Vassy - Bad

David Guetta follows up #4 single Shot Me Down with new track Bad, and this time he has collaborated with Dutch production duo Showtek (who found success with #5 single Booyah!) and Australian Vassy.

This track unfortunately pretty much lives up to it's title. The song opens with a very grating start, as what is a pretty catchy hook is destroyed with high-pitched autotuned vocals, and all attention for me focuses on how annoying they were. The only ounce of a saving grace is the Showtek production, but even that gets a little tedious by the third time it comes around in the song. Overall, I'm disappointed at a pretty lazy effort - ditch the autotune next time also!


The Kaiser Chiefs - Coming Home

The Kaiser Chiefs are having a very great time right now, after lead singer Ricky Wilson first appeared on The Voice UK as a guest judge, and then their latest album Education, Education, Education & War went straight to #1 on Sunday, knocking off X Factor 2013 winner Sam Bailey.

Coming Home is a fantastic return to form for the group. Not only are Ricky's vocals sounding great, but the track itself is very mellow and beautiful, especially with the guitar driven understated production. The chorus is very memorable indeed.


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